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CEC Off The Beaten Track Workshop 2014

Off The Beaten Track

Held in Baltimore, Maryland, December 3, 2014
1501 St. Paul Street / Suite 116 / Baltimore, MD 21202

A Workshop for Trouble Shooting— Logistics in the Rigging and Packing of Challenging Objects Presented by Ben Gage and Bonsai Fine Arts

"My talk at the CEC event at Caseworks in Baltimore, Md. focused on Fine Arts Specialists projects whose scale and scope requires critical creative thinking, from initial assessment to their successful completion, in order to respond to difficult details inherent in these projects from start to finish. This process is unique, built on personal expertise in a variety of skills generally not associated with Art Handling and is the basis for the solutions I described in my presentation: " Off the Beaten Track."
–Ben Gage

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Disaster Guides and Preservation

Conservation Center for art & historic artifacts

Emergency Resource Guide

The purpose of the Mid-Atlantic Resource Guide for Disaster Preparedness is to assist institutions in the preparation of their own Emergency Telephone List and in the selection of emergency supplies and equipment to have on-site. As part of every disaster preparedness and response plan, institutions should have an up-to-date emergency telephone list and should maintain a stockpile of supplies and equipment to use in initial recovery efforts.
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AV Media Preservation Videos

Many of the machine-dependent audiovisual collections held by our cultural institutions are in peril. Therefore, it is crucial to have knowledge about the life expectancy and unique needs of our legacy media in order to make good preservation decisions. From wax cylinders, 78s, motion picture film, magnetic wire, and magnetic audiotapes, to LPs & 45s, audiocassettes, videotapes, and videocassettes, each format has a critical point at which information will begin to be lost. Continued on CCAHA

Save Pennsylvania's Past

Save Pennsylvania's Past is a statewide effort to preserve the millions of objects and historic artifacts that shape the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's history and define our nation.
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Books Of Interest

The Objects of Experience
Transforming Visitor-Object Encounters in Museums

Elizabeth (Elee) Wood and Kiersten F. Latham
www.lcoastpress.com/The_Objects_of _experience

176 pp. | 6.00 x 9.00 | November 2013
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61132-214-9
eBook ISBN: 978-1-61132-652-9

What if museums could harness the emotional and intellectual connections people have to personal and everyday objects to create richer visitor experiences? In The Objects of Experience, Elizabeth Wood and
Kiersten Latham present the Object Knowledge Framework, a tool for using objects to connect museum visitors to themselves, to others, and to their world. They discuss the key concepts underpinning our lived experience of objects and how museums can learn from them. Then they walk readers through concrete methods for transforming visitor-object experiences, including exercises and strategies for teams developing exhibit themes, messages, and content, and participatory experiences.

More on authors: Elizabeth (Elee) Wood and Kiersten F. Latham 

Grant Proposal Guidelines

National Endowment For the Humanities

Humanities Collections and Reference Resources

The Humanities Collections and Reference Resources (HCRR) program supports projects that provide an essential underpinning for scholarship, education, and public programming in the humanities. Thousands of libraries, archives, museums, and historical organizations across the country maintain important collections of books and manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings and moving images, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, art and material culture, and digital objects. Funding from this program strengthens efforts to extend the life of such materials and make their intellectual content widely accessible, often through the use of digital technology. Awards are also made to create various reference resources that facilitate use of cultural materials, from works that provide basic information quickly to tools that synthesize and codify knowledge of a subject for in-depth investigation.
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Advocacy Toolkit For Natural History Museums

Nature Manchester

Advocacy Toolkit For Natural History Museums by Henry McGhie

These notes have been prepared to help anyone who wants to influence other people about the value of nature and natural history in museums.