A team of Museum and Art service professionals
join together to offer a fresh approach to the
resources in the museum field

Collections & Exhibitions

Collections & Exhibitions Collaborative

"Resources Sharing
Into Relationship Building"

CEC is a team of museum service professionals, each with years of experience working with curators, registrars and collection managers in their particular field, who have joined together to offer a unique and fresh approach to the management of museum collection storage projects and exhibitions being considered and undertaken in the Museum and Art landscape.

We are an association that believes the:
• Knowledge
• Information Sharing
• Resource Development

Our goal and our focus is to offer the museum community a resource for the up and coming young professionals as well as the established professionals to help make life just a little bit easier.

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CEC partners in action
On Site Installations
Trucking / storage units

CEC Ben Gage installation

Talk to us. Tell us what we can do to make this a
useful organization to all, email us at:

We want your input on what will help support the museum community. Developed by each specialist is a resource needed to support informed choices and should be shared.

Each CEC partner has the complementary skills necessary to safe guard Art, Historical Objects and Natural History Collections in all the different phases of "Collections and Exhibitions," from project conception to their successful completion, including exhibition shipping, regardless of scope.

Linda Gottfried
Sales Manager - Museum Collection Storage Products
Joe Turpin
Joemover - Shipping Specialist
Ben Gage
Fine Art Specialists, LLC
Scott Pittman
Bonsai Fine Arts

We are proven professionals committed to hands on personal service. Our focus consolidates the details to create competitive advantage without loss of quality: best practice.